Password Boss Review: Pros & Cons, Features, Ratings, Pricing and more

It’s a good password manager, but it struggles to achieve greatness

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TechRadar Verdict

Password Boss offers a good range of mainstream features for small and medium-sized businesses, but it’s not the high-end ability to stand out from the crowd.


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    Good business-specific options

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    Solid mainstream features

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    Straightforward design


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    Lacks innovation

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Lots of password managers try to be all things to all people, but Password Boss takes a different approach – because it’s designed specifically for Managed Service Providers, or MSPs.

An MSP is an organization that delivers networking and infrastructure services to other organizations, and they underpin many top companies. Password Boss can form a critical part of an MSP service by providing top-notch password management to your clients.

It’s already been used by Microsoft, TeamViewer, LogMeIn Pro and loads of other organizations, so there’s clearly plenty to like here – and on paper it impresses with multi-layered security and a versatile range of options.

We’ve gone hands-on to find out if Password Boss lives up to its billing. If you’d like to consider the alternatives, head here for our round-up of the best business password managers.

Password Boss: Plans and pricing

Password Boss offers two plans for businesses: Standard and Advanced. Both come with all the features included in the platform’s personal plans, but with a few extras specifically for businesses.

Its website currently advises that you call for the latest pricing, although a look at older pricing tiers can provide some clues about what to expect.

The Standard plan sat at $3 / £3 / AUD$5 user/month with a minimum of five users, which meant the annual cost started at $180 / £170 / AUD$250 per year. This plan included basic administrator controls, team-based sharing, and separate business and personal storage.

The Advanced Plan was $4 / £4 / AUD$6 user/month (minimum of five users), which meant that prices begin at $240 / £220 / AUD$360 per year. This plan included everything in the Standard plan, plus advanced user management and analytics, and audit logs.

Password Boss accounts.

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Password Boss: Setup

Password Boss is easy to set up, and creating an account takes only a few minutes. We like that Password Boss provides a helpful video and troubleshooting advice for businesses and users downloading and logging into the platform for the first time. It’s a small thing, but it makes a difference.

Password Boss also makes it easy for business leaders to set up their teams. IT administrators can easily create accounts for all employees, making it easy to start well and make the most of the platform’s centralized administrator controls and analytics.

Password Boss: Interface and performance

As a baseline, Password boss includes all the features you would expect in a top-quality password management solution. These include one-touch login, password sharing, password generation, and secure cloud storage and backup.

Password Boss also enables users to create different storage areas for business and personal credentials, ensuring the two don’t get mixed up.

The good news is that Password Boss also offers some more advanced features, such as the Dark Web Scan. This feature tells users which passwords have been compromised and how much of their information may be available on the Dark Web. This is a powerful feature, although we would like to know more about the technology powering this scan.

The Password Boss apps are easy to navigate, intuitively designed, and highly responsive. In our test, synchronization across three devices (Windows, iOS, and Android) was impressive. By the time we were able to switch devices, new data and credentials had already synced.

We also appreciate the app’s security interface. This panel provides easy-to-interpret information on the state of your account and detects potential vulnerabilities. Few competitors provide this information to all users.

Password Boss settings.

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Password Boss: Security

Core to the platform’s security policy is the zero-knowledge architecture and end-to-end 256-bit encryption. This means that neither Password Boss nor anyone else can access a user’s encrypted data without their master password and unique encryption key, even when it’s in cloud storage.

You’ve got two-factor authentication, biometric login, browser and device verification, theft and copy protection, anti-phishing modules and auto-locking if you leave your device. There aren’t many password managers that are more robust than this.

Another security feature that is useful for businesses is encrypted password sharing. Password Boss’s enterprise features allow IT administrators to allocate different levels of permissions. Employees can only use encrypted passwords and credentials relevant to their role and level of access. Employees can then use the relevant websites and applications without ever seeing an unencrypted version of the data. Password sharing, therefore, provides an additional pillar of security for businesses.

Password Boss: Support

We like that Password Boss provides a specific support area for businesses, making it easier to find the right advice quickly. Here users and business leaders can find useful articles on data sharing, team settings, and security policies.

However, the lack of online chat or phone support was disappointing and might deter businesses that want a more responsive provider for their password management solution.

Password Boss: The competition

Medium and large-sized organizations might benefit from the more powerful administrator controls and analytics offered by some of Password Boss’s competitors.

Both LastPass and RoboForm have more in-depth and advanced analytics than Password Boss and give business leaders and IT administrators greater control over users’ accounts. Although they are slightly more expensive, they may offer a more seamless experience for enterprises.

Password Boss: Final verdict

Password Boss is a good password manager without being a great one. Although the platform has few weaknesses, along with strong security policies, useful features, and an affordable price tag, it doesn’t do much to stand out from the pack.

However, this shouldn’t necessarily deter businesses, because simplicity can be a strength when it comes to password managers. Password Boss does exactly what it says it does and does it well. Small and medium-sized businesses simply wanting a secure and easy-to-use password manager would do well to consider this provider.

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