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Capsule CRM: The Best Way to Up Your Sales Numbers?

Capsule CRM
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TechRadar Verdict

Capsule isn’t just easy to use, it’s also an affordable toolkit that makes it easier for you to keep track of those all-important business relationships that are at the heart of your organization.


  • +

    Intuitive interface design

  • +

    Assign tasks to individual contacts

  • +

    Create a comprehensive business-wide calendar


  • -

    ‘Free’ plan isn’t really usable

  • -

    Weak mass email support

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Capsule is a reliable and useful toolkit for any corporation. Founded in 2009, Capsule is a UK-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that promises to help you maintain close customer relationships and maximize sales opportunities, all with minimal user input.

The founders of Capsule felt that CRMs were either too difficult to use or too simplistic. That’s why the core aim of Capsule is to make it easy for users to access advanced CRM features through well-thought-out design. In this Capsule CRM review, you’ll see why this is one of the best CRMs in terms of price, usability, and features.

Plans and Pricing

There are three Capsule packages on offer, ranging in price from $0 to $36 per user per month. Paid plans come with a free 30-day free trial period, so there are plenty of ways to see if Capsule is the right tool for you before committing to a monthly payment. 

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The free version of the Capsule CRM comes with a minuscule 10MB of storage. This means it’s not a valid option for managing actual customer relationships as you’ll only be able to access a small amount of data. Instead, you should think of the base Capsule plan as an extended free trial.

Most organizations will find that the mid-tier $18 per month per user Professional plan fits their needs best. With it, you’ll get 10GB of storage for every account and the ability to manage 50,000 contacts. That should be enough room even for enterprise-scale businesses. The Professional package also gives you access to better security features with Google sign-in and two-factor authentication.

Finally, there’s the top-end Teams plan which costs $36 per month for every user. It comes with 20GB user storage space and room for 100,000 contacts. But the best thing about the Teams package is that it includes Advanced Sales Reporting features. Through these, you can get insights that reveal where bottlenecks are occurring in your sales operations, allowing you to identify areas for improvement.


Keeping track of all the information you need to know about your clients and partners can be a seriously daunting challenge. Capsule presents a great solution to this problem with the Contact Management Software that is at the core of the Capsule CRM. 

Capsule’s contact software doesn’t just let you save contacts and share them with colleagues. It also allows you to store a complete record of all interactions you have with a client, and to add notes to email records so you never miss a detail when following up.

You can even create contact-specific tasks to complete for individual contacts. This ties in neatly with Capsule’s other powerful task management features. Through these, you can create a comprehensive task calendar for your business, with custom color coding, details, and repeat settings.


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But the most advanced Capsule task management feature is task ‘tracking’. With this, you can schedule tasks in relation to each other. For example, you can set things up so that an email follow-up task is automatically set for five days after an email send task is marked as complete. 

Advanced Sales Analysis

Sales analytics is another cornerstone of the Capsule platform. This platform will crunch your operation’s sales numbers, revealing valuable insights like where your sales pipeline is leaking, your average time per sale, and the number of opportunities won or lost by each team.  

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What’s more, Capsule stands out for its ability to integrate with household name applications that you probably already use in another critical part of your business operations. 

For example, Capsule can use your Zendesk account to provide support desk service through your website. You can also sync Capsule contacts and tasks to your Google address book and calendar.

Interface and In Use

Capsule’s interface is extremely intuitive, so even employees who’ve never worked with a CRM before should feel at home immediately.

Take the customer relationship window, for example. Here, all the relevant contact information you need to see is available at a glance on the left-hand side of the screen while sales pipeline data and contact histories are just a click and a scroll away. Effectively, all the information you could need about a client is right there, but there’s no risk of the user being overwhelmed by unnecessary data. 


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Another trick that Capsule uses to make relationship management easy is to leave 6 key shortcut icons at the top of every capsule screen. These include links to home, people, and case pages, meaning that you can quickly find essential information no matter what you were doing before. 

Using Capsule On Your Mobile

There’s a good chance that you or your colleagues might need to interact with your business clients and partners while on the move. To help you do that, Capsule has developed a mobile app that can be installed on iOS and Android devices. 


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Almost all desktop program features are supported in the mobile application too. There are also several tools that are particularly suited for content management on the move: you can start calls, draft emails and open contact location maps directly from the app. 


If you encounter a problem with a particular Capsule function, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to solve it yourself via the comprehensive guidance available in the Capsule Support Center. Also, the Capsule system has averaged a 99.99% uptime rate, so the chances are you won’t have any reason to request assistance from its technical support staff. 


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However, if you do need extra help for any reason, you can send the Capsule support team an email. They reply quickly, as long as you’re getting in touch during UK business hours.

The Competition

Capsule is user-friendly and has plenty of advanced features when it comes to task tracking and contact management. However, it’s not the most adept platform for handling mass marketing. If you want a CRM that’s better for working with large email lists rather than managing deep client relationships, you should consider Salesforce which is a CRM in the same pricing bracket as Capsule.

Final Verdict

Don’t let Capsule’s clean and intuitive interface fool you. This tool isn’t just for beginners; it’s a reliable and helpful platform that could help you to uncover inefficiencies in your organization’s sale processes and forge closer relationships with your clients and partners.

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