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An innovative app that could be a winner if it delivers on its promises

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A new contender that promises a future-proofed approach to password and identity management – if it can deliver the goods.


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    Promising next-gen security features

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    Goes beyond password management

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    Decent pricing


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    Hard to judge right now

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IronVest is a new name when it comes to password managers and personal security, but there’s plenty of cloud behind the title: the organization has recently closed a $23 million seed funding round and the popular Abine Blur product has migrated across to the IronVest banner.

This new product hasn’t yet been released, but it’s coming soon – and the company’s website is already making some big claims.

IronVest reckons that it’ll go beyond password management to offer complete online security for your logins, payment methods and browsing, and the firm reckons that it’s got some next-gen protection technology that’ll outstrip the offering from big-name rivals.

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IronVest pricing

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IronVest: Plans and pricing

IronVest isn’t out yet, but individual pricing information is already available. Impressively, despite the firm’s boasts about features and security, a free tier will be on offer – and with that product you’ll get password protection, autofill, website anti-tracking, two-factor authentication and three customized, masked email addresses.

Pay $5.95 / £5 / AUD$9 per month or $39 / £35 / AUD$60 for a year and you get IronVest Plus. This product tier delivers all of the features of the free edition alongside improved biometric security, fifty email addresses, priority support over email and live chat and protected credit cards – with each card incurring a fee.

The Ultimate package costs $99 / £90 / AUD$150 for a year or $14.95 / £14 / AUD$20 monthly, and it adds unlimited email addresses, free credit card masking and top-priority support.

No business pricing is yet available. But, given the individual pricing plans on offer, we expect IronVest to be competitive with corporate rivals.

IronVest business

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IronVest: Setup

It’s impossible to gauge IronVest’s setup procedure before the app comes out, but the firm does promise to make installation pretty straightforward.

Indeed, IronVest claims that all you’ll have to do is download and install the browser extension and mobile app and set up your biometric access before you can start adding passwords and benefiting from a protected online presence.

The firm also says that the process isn’t much different for employees, either – they’ll get an email invite and then follow the same sort of process.

At the moment, IronVest is slated to be available as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, with Safari support coming. Android and iOS apps will be available too. Hopefully, more browser support will be forthcoming – IronVest’s website says that the app will eventually be activated on “all the most common web browsers.”

IronVest: Interface and performance

There’s no telling what IronVest will look like when it eventually launches, but we do know that this app should have an excellent array of features.

When it comes to password management, expect autofill and unlimited storage alongside loads of data categories. And, indeed, IronVest won’t just handle your passwords – it will also handle your payment cards and methods, shipping info and other personal data. It’s an app designed to secure your entire online identity rather than just your logins and passwords.

IronVest’s feature list impresses elsewhere. The app will offer a masked, anonymized email address so you can use the app without giving away your personal email address. You can also choose to receive email through IronVest’s integrated client or get messages forwarded to your personal account. In a similar vein, your phone number can also be kept anonymous.

Elsewhere, IronVest is set to offer anti-tracking features that will stop websites and networks from logging your online activity, and expect virtual cards that can be used for more secure online purchases.

IronVest enterprise

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IronVest: Security

IronVest says it can offer many services alongside password management thanks to its robust and innovative security framework.

The app will use a decentralized blockchain infrastructure to ensure that your data is never held in one potentially vulnerable location, and any identifiable information will be anonymized and tokenized. We’d also expect to see some pretty substantial encryption beneath all of this technology.

IronVest will go further than most apps in terms of biometrics, too. The firm says that IronVest will continuously monitor your biometrics to constantly confirm your identity. In theory, that should be a more secure method than a conventional one-time sign-in. The same methods are used to protect employee identities if you use IronVest’s business products.

The app’s biometric technology will also be used in place of a conventional master password, and you can also use traditional two-factor authentication methods with IronVest. Biometric information will also aid with account verification and recovery.

IronVest: Support

Customers who use the free IronVest product can get help using email support, but don’t expect a reply particularly quickly – the firm says you’ll have to wait for three business days.

If you’re on a paid plan, that time drops to one business day, and you’ll get live chat support from 9am – 5pm ET on Mondays to Fridays, too.

At the moment, there’s no mention of phone support. The site’s FAQ section is quite meager right now, too.

IronVest: The competition

IronVest’s innovative range of features means that it looks set to compete with some of the best password managers on the market.

If you’re buying a product for individual use, expect to weigh IronVest up against LastPass, which delivers an exceptional range of features in terms of password management and identity protection. It’s our favorite product for personal use.

Dashlane is another great alternative with more features for business and teams management. 1Password delivers incredible device compatibility, storage for loads of different kinds of data and powerful security abilities. They’re all ideal competitors for IronVest.

IronVest: Final verdict

It’s impossible to deliver a true verdict on IronVest right now – the app isn’t out yet. But, despite that, we can glean some insight about what to expect from this forthcoming security app.

Its next-generation security underpinnings mean that this should be one of the most secure apps on the market, and its promised range of features impresses. If IronVest delivers on all of these promises, it’ll be one of the best password managers and it’ll take care of many more security situations too. Pricing also looks reasonable, although we hope IronVest becomes available on a broader range of browsers when it launches.

There’s lots to like here on paper, so IronVest is a password manager and security app that you should keep an eye on.

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