The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 accessory of my dreams isn't a stylus, but another iPad tool

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
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There are plenty of rumors claiming Samsung's next big foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 4, will get a stylus. Sure, the Z Fold 3 was compatible with Samsung's S Pen stylus, but leakers think the next model will actually come with the stylus and have a slot to house it, like the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Lots of people are excited by these rumors for a good reason. The S Pen experience is good on the S22 Ultra, but on a giant unfolded display, it would be great!

However, for a perfect Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, there's one accessory I'd really like to see. It's not any kind of stylus, but it's inspired by another peripheral I use all the time for my iPad Pro...

How I use my iPad

iPad Pro 12.9

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I use a stylus quite a bit on my iPad. It's quite useful for taking notes and vital for marking up documents, sketching plans, and other creative tasks.

But while I probably use my stylus every day, there's one accessory I definitely use non-stop for my iPad – and that's the keyboard.

Apple makes two keyboards for its iPad Pros: the Keyboard Folio and the Magic Keyboard. The Magic Keyboard is bigger and has a trackpad, but I prefer the Folio for reasons I won't go into now (so this article isn't longer than it needs to be).

The keyboards also double as stands and covers, so you can use them to protect or hold the slate, as well as for typing, of course. I use the keyboard all the time for word processing and sending messages, and really for any text input as it's much more convenient than the on-screen keyboard. It's the most useful accessory I've ever used for a plus-sized screen, and that's why the Samsung Z Fold needs something similar.

A keyboard for the Fold

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review

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I'd love to see Samsung make a keyboard-style accessory for the Galaxy Z Fold so you can utilize the sizable screen space for working.

I'm not talking about using the Fold in flex mode – so that one side of the display is the keyboard – this kind of tablet is too small to rely on the on-screen keyboard if you're typing with both hands. I want something larger, so I can stand up my tablet and start typing away.

I'll give bonus points if this accessory doubles as a protective case or a stand to hold the thing upright when I'm typing, just like the iPad keyboard accessories do.

The whole point of foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is to provide the benefits of a smartphone and a tablet in one. This means it needs to have useful features for productivity (one of the key uses of a tablet).

A keyboard would give the Fold more options for word processing – a core element of productivity for many people – and generally improve an everyday gadget's function. That's why it's the accessory I'd be most interested in seeing.

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