This hardcore portable SSD from Samsung is seriously cheap right now

Samsung T7 Shield Review Listing
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What is it? The T7 Shield, a popular portable SSD from Samsung, is currently available at a 31% discount at Amazon. With a write speed of 1,050MB/s, this isn't the fastest drive around, but its various rugged features means it can certainly withstand a beating. It's also compatible with all the major platforms, which can't be said of every SSD out there.

What makes it special and why should I buy it? The Samsung T7 Shield is perfect for anyone needing more storage space, someone who needs to transfer files from one device to another (think photographers, videographers, music producers, and gamers), or anyone looking to archive data. 

Additionally, the read and write speeds of the T7 Shield are fast enough to work directly from the drive if you need to.

How much does it cost? The price cut applies to both the 1TB model ($109.99) and 2TB model ($199.99) and you'll have your pick of three color schemes: beige, blue and black.

Although the deal only applies in the US, customers in the UK can find the T7 Shield at £111.49 for the 1TB model and £187.99 for the 2TB model (currently a 4% discount).

What else should we know? Another welcome feature of this drive is its universal compatibility. The T7 Shield can work with Mac, Windows, Android, gaming consoles, tablets, and any other device type or platform.

Lastly, the drive has an IP65 water and dust resistance rating, which limits the risk of damage when on the move. Additionally, due to the outer casing, it is able to protect from a 9.8-ft drop.

Any cons? The write speed is not the best we have seen in SSDs.

Samsung T7 Shield Portable 2TB

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">Samsung T7 Shield portable SSD - 31% off at Amazon
At Amazon, find the 1TB and 2TB models of this popular rugged SSD at a 31% discount for a limited time. It's hardy, capacious and compatible with macOS, Windows and more.

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