The Xbox Series S is cheaper than it's ever been this Black Friday

Xbox Series S Black Friday deal
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If you’ve been looking to upgrade your Xbox consoles, now’s the time to jump into the current-gen. The Xbox Series S is currently seeing some fantastic discounts. 

Black Friday 2022 has started with a bang as stellar Xbox Series S deals are dropping all around. In the US, the Series S has fallen to its lowest price at Dell Technologies, costing $234.99, a saving of $65. UK buyers haven’t been left out either. Over at Amazon, the Series S is priced at £189, £60 cheaper than usual. 

These are some of the lowest prices for the mid-range console, so we can safely say it’s among the best Black Friday Xbox deals. With the cash you save, you'll be able to pick up an extra game or even an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

The only catch is that the Xbox Series S is in high demand. As a result, the following discounts may last only a short time. If you plan on picking up Microsoft's mid-range flagship, act soon.

Today's best Xbox Series S Black Friday deal (US)

Xbox Series S: $299.99 now $234.99 at Dell Technologies
Save $65 -

Xbox Series S: Was $299.99 now $234.99 at Dell Technologies
Save $65 - The Xbox Series S might be the less powerful of Microsoft's current-gen systems, but it's still no slouch. Its lightning-quick 512GB SSD means your games load remarkably fast. The console also supports high-end features like VRR for more stable and consistent performance, and pairs excellently with a 1440p monitor.

Today's best Xbox Series S Black Friday deal (UK)

Xbox Series S: was £249 now £189 at Amazon
Save £60 -

Xbox Series S: was £249 now £189 at Amazon
Save £60 - The Xbox Series S is down to an even more appealing discount in the UK, slashing £60 off to make it the lowest price it's ever been on that side of the pond. Such a great discount means that stock is likely to sell through fast, so be sure to act soon if you're planning on buying.

The Xbox Series S is easy to see as merely a less powerful version of the Xbox Series X. And while that's technically true, that doesn't mean the Xbox Series S isn't without its benefits.

For one, it's much smaller than the monolithic Series X, meaning it's much easier to slot into a space-tight home setup. And even when not discounted, it's a lot cheaper than Microsoft's flagship powerhouse.

You're also getting full access to the Xbox ecosystem regardless of whichever console you choose to buy. That means the Xbox Series S owners can still subscribe to Xbox Game Pass or the excellent Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier.

With just 512GB of storage to work with out of the box, though, you may find that downloading the best Xbox games fills up space fast. Thankfully, your savings on this deal could also be put towards excellent storage solutions like the Seagate Xbox Storage Expansion Card, which also sees numerous discounts over the Black Friday period.

Xbox Series S is also still a very capable console. Support for up to 1440p at 120fps means that compatible games look sharp and run smoothly. Support for VRR-capable displays also means performance remains consistent even during hectic gaming sessions.

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There's another fantastic deal for US shoppers on an Xbox Series S, but there are caveats. If you haven't bought anything off Instagram before, head over to the Microsoft Store Instagram page, follow the link to the store, and you'll be able to get an Xbox Series S for $199.99. Unfortunately, if you've purchased something off the social media platform before, the deal won't apply to you. 

No matter where you live, you'll find all the lowest prices for the Xbox Series S from around the web right here, with offers available in your region. 

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