One of Dell's most popular desktops is nearly half-price, so act now

Dell Vostro Tower
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What is it?

The Dell Vostro Tower is a work-from-home powerhouse of a desktop computer. Powered by a 12th Generation i5 Processor, Intel UHD Graphics 730 video card, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and an upgraded 512 GB SSD storage, this tower is an excellent option for daily tasks and other small business needs. Alternatively, the processor, video card, and storage could be upgraded further if more power is needed.

What makes it special and why should I buy it?

The Dell Vostro tower has a fair share of ports to choose from as a desktop computer. The front holds five USB-A ports, a headset jack, and an SD-Card slot. The back hosts four more USB-A ports, a line-out audio jack, an HDMI out, DisplayPort out, and an ethernet port. These ports allow for maximum productivity in the office or home workspace. While this desktop is by no means the most powerful desktop available, it has enough power to knock out the majority of what most people use their computers for daily. Additionally, the ability to upgrade most of the components inside is a huge positive feature for this desktop.

How much does it cost? 

Dell's semi-annual sale is currently offering 45% off of the i5, Intel UHD graphics 730, 8GB memory, and 512 GB SSD storage build. The estimated value of that build is $1,255.71, but with the sale, it drops down to $689.00 - saving a whopping $566.71. For comparison, the fully built-out model would cost $1,199.00, a saving of $656.71 in savings from its estimated value of $1,855.71.

What else should we know? 

Though there is a visible SATA slot for an optical drive on the top of the front panel of this desktop, Dell states that one is not included in these builds.

Any cons?

The only disadvantage we can see is that the base model may not be the best at heavy-duty programs, such as creative applications, CAD, and music production, as its i5 processor cannot support that much work without noticeably slowing down.

One of the best desktops for small businesses or WFH is on sale for 45% off on Dell's website
The Vostro Tower drops $566.71 with Dell's Semi-Annual Sale.

One of the best desktops for small businesses or WFH is on sale for 45% off on Dell's website
The Vostro Tower drops $566.71 with Dell's Semi-Annual Sale.

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