Get the best PS5 SSD with heatsink for almost 50% off in this limited-time deal

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Upgrading to one of the new PlayStation Plus tiers and worried you might run out of storage space for all the extra games included in the service? Well, the best PS5 SSD with heatsink you can buy today has just been reduced to a terrific low price in both the US and UK.

First up, the 1TB WD Black SN850 is now $149.99 (was $269.99) at Best Buy. This offer is only available until the end of the day, though, so you'll need to act fast to secure this bargain price. It's so close to the previous record low that we saw last month which was only $2 less.

And, don't feel left out if you're in the UK as you can also get a 1TB WD Black SN850 for £131.99 (was £257.99) at Amazon. Again, that's just a whisker away from the cheapest price this PS5 SSD has ever been by £2.

Today's best PS5 SSD deal

WD Black SN850 (1TB): $269.99

WD Black SN850 (1TB): $269.99 $149.99 at Best Buy
Save $120
– Today's limited-time offer at Best Buy brings this top-rated PS5 SSD within just $2 of its previous lowest price. With 1TB of extra storage, you get the room for around 20 major PS5 games so you shouldn't need to delete old releases for a good while.

WD Black SN850 (1TB): £257.99

WD Black SN850 (1TB): £257.99 £131.99 at Amazon
Save £126
– If you're in the UK you can also save big on this top choice PS5 SSD. It's only £2 more than the cheapest price we saw last month, making it the most efficient and cost-effective way to increase the storage capacity of your PS5 right now.

No matter where you're buying from, this is one of the cheapest PS5 SSD deals we've seen in a number of weeks. Other options are around the same price but do not include the necessary heatsink to keep it cool in your console, so that's an extra expense on top that you can avoid with the WD Black SN850.

And when it comes to installing the SSD, it may seem like a complicated process, but the WD Black SN850 is the simplest and most affordable option when it comes to adding more storage to your PS5. It meets all the requirements set out by Sony and comes with a pre-attached heatsink. All you have to do is follow these instructions and you'll be able to enjoy twice as room for game installs on your PS5 within minutes.

For those still without a console, the good news is that the PS5 restock situation has improved greatly over the last few weeks. A good selection of bundles has been readily available for a number of days in the UK, while we're overdue a massive drop of PS5 consoles in the US. And for those lucky owners of Sony's latest, you can find more bargains on games and accessories with our roundup of all the latest PS5 deals, and look out for other tech bargains during the 2022 Memorial Day sales event.

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