Apple launches new Passwords app that could outshine every other password manager

macOS Sequioa's new Password app
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Apple has unveiled its entry into the password manager market as it looks to gain more control over its user data.

In between all of the major reveals at WWDC 2024, which included iOS 18 and unveiled Apple Intelligence, the company also showed off macOS Sequoia, which will now include a new Passwords app. 

The new service will help reportedly users manage account passwords, verification codes, passkeys and just about everything in between, giving quick access to your credentials and organizes everything in a user-friendly interface. 

Apple Passwords app

On the left side of the window, you’ll see each of the six categories housing the logins. One shows you everything currently stored, one for passkeys, and one for information about Wi-Fi networks. 

Apple Passwords app - Security Alerts

(Image credit: Apple)

You’ll also notice a section for security alerts. If you go to that tab, you might see notifications recommending you update some of your passwords as they might be too weak, be used elsewhere, or it’s been compromised. Everything is laid out neatly with an accompanying icon for the account's website.

Deleted is next to the Security tab, where you can presumably restore erased passwords. Below the different categories is the Shared Group section that holds logins for multiple apps under a specific name. The demonstration shows a group for an entire family and one for the office.

Notable features

Apple states that the Passwords app builds on top of its long-running Keychain system and will be available on macOS Sequoia, iOS 18, iPadOS18, Vision Pro, and PCs through the iCloud for Windows app. 

Autofill is supported throughout all the different versions, meaning that when you sign onto a site with a login stored for you, it'll automatically fill it in.


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We would love to know how well Apple’s software stacks up to the likes of LastPass and other password managers. 

To get the most out of something like LastPass, you have to pay a monthly subscription to have all the features like “access across all devices.” If the Password app is totally free (and we think it will be), it’ll give all these managers a run for their money. Either way, we'll know for sure when the app rolls out with macOS Sequoia later this fall. Or you can wait until July for the public beta.

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