Huawei Watch 2 is 40% off for a limited time on Amazon


Attention, early Black Friday shoppers. If you prefer your smartwatches with a side of Android Wear rather than Apples, then today is a good day to pick up the Huawei Watch 2 in either its regular or classic forms.

Both models are on sale on Amazon for 40% off right now, but the sale will only last for a few more hours.

These are basically the same device, as they both come with 4GB of RAM, GPS and a Snapdragon 2100 processor. The main difference is that the regular carbon black version looks more sporty, while the "classic" version comes with a snazzy leather (and rubber) band and a slightly more understated rim. The classic version also comes with fewer fitness related features.

Huawei Watch 2 (Carbon Black) - 40% off
Now $179 (was $299)
In our review, we were impressed by the amount of features, but discovered that the attractive device attempts to do a little too much. Still, at 40% off, you're getting the best selling smartwatch on Amazon for a big discount. This deal ends tonight at midnight Pacific time.View Deal

Huawei Watch 2 Classic - 40% off
Now $219 (was $367)
Performance-wise, it's the same watch as the grey version above, but the leather-and-rubber band makes for a more attractive presentation, as does the slightly understated rim. And you get the same 40% off the regular price. This deal ends tonight at midnight Pacific time.View Deal

If you're not so much into the Apple Watch 3 - and the Apple ecosystem in general - then opting for these solid Android Wear devices is a good way to go. 

Not only are you getting nice-looking time pieces with respectable feature sets, but you're getting a really good deal up until midnight Pacific Time tonight.