Get a year of Norton Antivirus and a password manager for only $9.99

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It's easy to feel like Black Friday is all about those phone deals, laptops and TVs, but did you ever think you could save money on your cyber security? Well yes you can - Norton is offering up a juicy Black Friday antivirus deal on its award-winning antivirus software so you can stay protected. 

Norton Antivirus Plus protects you from viruses, scams, phishing attempts and a number of other serious cyber risks. But here's the kicker - you only have to pay $9.99 for the whole year. That works out at roughly 3c a day (you get cloud storage and a password manager), and if that's not a bargain then we don't know what is!

The other, more beefed-up package is Norton 360 Standard - and we reckon it's even better value. Here you're getting all the same features as Antivirus Plus but you can add protection to two other devices on top of your PC. These could be Macs, tablets or phones so choose the three things which are most important to you and your household. With these additional features comes a higher price tag of $19.99 for the year, but that's a saving of 77% on the original price.

But remember, you do only have until November 30th to cash in on these deals from Norton or earlier; so act fast and get yourself safe online for cheap.

Norton 360 Standard: $89.99

Norton 360 Standard: $89.99 $19.99
Save 77%, first year only
If Norton's Basic package doesn't quite feel enough for you, how about an upgrade? For an extra $10 for the year you can protect up to three devices. It doesn't have to be a PC, with this package you can also protect phones, Macs and tablets so you can protect all your items or protect devices from the whole family. Ends November 30th

Norton Antivirus Deluxe: $59.99

Norton Antivirus Deluxe: $59.99 $9.99
Save 83%, first year only For $9.99 you can get an entire year of protection for your computer. Norton features really high up in our dedicated guide to the best antivirus software, so you can certainly trust it. And the yearly price works out at roughly 80 cents a month - who can say no to a bargain like that? Ends November 30th

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