South African PC games to put on your must-play list

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South Africa is truly a rainbow nation but its not just when it comes to traditions, people and cultures. 

Right here on South African soil, a number of awesome games have grown to popularity while showcasing our unique creative skills and unbelievable game development talent.

So if you're looking to extend your local pride to your steam library, here are a few options to add to your wish-list that you won't regret bagging on the next sale.

Boet Fighter

(Image credit: Boet Fighter)

1. Boet Fighter

With the perfect touch of South Africanisms and local humour that will leave you laughing while you jam, Boet Fighter is a definite must-play.

Reminiscent of old-school classics like Street Fighter and Double Dragon, Boet Fighter is a side-scrolling 2D experience with a beat-em-up style of gameplay. Add some creatine and two boets from Johannesburg and you have South African gaming gold.

Described as a "mega-schweet faaghting video game", the story line follows Hard Eddy and his choms as they fight up a storm across Johannesburg's famous Fourways to reclaim Eddy's stolen lady, or binnet, as the game promptly calls her.

Gamers can look forward to entertaining and visually detailed fighting levels, with one or two that you might even recognise as you battle up a storm. 

Whether you enjoy arcade-style games or are simply looking for something new to try, Boet Fighter is sure to please and in a uniquely and memorable South African way.


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2. Broforce

Speaking of 2D platformers, you can't mention games from South Africa without bringing up Broforce. Hailed as one of the most successful games to come out of the South African game development scene, Broforce is not your average side-scroller.

Raking in awards from Grimmy Best Early Access Game to making the Amaze Official Selection in 2013, this action-packed title is not to be missed. 

Created by Cape Town-based studio Free Lives, this epic battle to save the world from the forces of evil is nothing short of a must-play.

Described as a run n' gun-style game, Broforce allows for up to four players and offers both campaign co-op and deathmatch modes. The gameplay and level design are reminiscent of much-loved classic arcade games like Metal Slug, plus gamers can enjoy new missions and characters every month.


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3. Semblance

What started as a simple university project grew to one of South Africa's most-loved and enjoyed puzzle-based platformer games.

Two Johanneburg developers turned their project into something much-more meaningful when creating Semblance. 

This unique and quirky game follows a squishy and adorable character by the name of "Squish", who makes his way through various levels while solving puzzles to do so.

Unlike other puzzle-based platformers, Semblance allows gamers to alter the terrain they are trans versing as well as Squish. Each level is more challenging than the last and players must become accustom with thinking outside of the box to get to the next level.


(Image credit: Stasis)

4. Stasis

You can't have a must-play list without a little horror on the side. Stasis is a classic horror masterpiece that follows a gruesome story line.

The game follows John Maracheck as he wakes up on a space station called Groomlake following an extended period of stasis or suspended sleep. Maracheck awakens to find his family missing and the ship in ruins with not a crew member in sight. 

Gamers can enjoy a point-and-click adventure to find Maracheck's family and uncover the mysterious catastrophe that has left the station in pieces.

The suspense of the game is well-paced but builds tension with each checkpoint. Fans of games like Aliens and Dead Space will undoubtedly enjoy Stasis as well.

This classic sci-fi creation will not only leave you glued to your screen but also at the edge of your chair.


(Image credit: Gorn)

5. Gorn

Free Lives studio does it again with their unforgettable VR game Gorn.

Described as up front and brutal, Gorn offers gaming enthusiasts a up close and personal experience.

This is definitely not one for the faint of heart as players are allowed the opportunity to release the frustrations of the day in pure and raw violence.

From beating to slicing and dicing, Gorn is nothing short of a massacre but offers little in the way of a story line.

It's the perfect game for hopping on, playing and enjoying with little regard for where the game is going. Fans of slash and hack-style games will be in heaven while playing Gorn.

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