When will Spotify Wrapped 2023 be released? History suggests very soon

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Update 29/11/23: As we suspected, this year's Spotify Wrapped 2023 is rolling it now –here's how to find Spotify Wrapped 2023, plus all of the best new features to look out for.

Spotify Wrapped 2023 is definitely coming soon because the music streamer has started dropping some strong hints about the annual roundup (like the logo above). But when exactly will it be released? While we don't know for sure, we can make some educated guesses based on recent history.

During the past five years, Wrapped has been released on the dates in the table below. There are two trends that give us a hint about the Spotify Wrapped 2023 release date. First, it's gradually been arriving earlier each year, most recently moving into the last week of November.

Also, for the past three years, Wrapped has shown up on a Wednesday. So if we combine those two trends with this year's dates, the most likely launch date is this Wednesday, November 29. 

Of course, Spotify may choose to switch things up this year and go back to December, but right now that's probably the date to check your iOS or Android app for that Wrapped preview card.

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Release dateDay
Spotify Wrapped 2022November 30Wednesday
Spotify Wrapped 2021December 1Wednesday
Spotify Wrapped 2020December 2Wednesday
Spotify Wrapped 2019December 5Thursday
Spotify Wrapped 2018December 6Thursday

Spotify is starting to build the hype for its annual roundup of your music listening habits, asking fans on Twitter for pictures that describe what their Wrapped will look like (below). It's also been asking artists to shoot 30-second video messages that'll be delivered to their top fans when Wrapped lands.

Some Spotify users are also already seeing Wrapped push notifications drop showing how many songs they've listened to this year. What isn't yet clear is if Spotify is planning to launch any new features for its yearly roundup – but if the dates above are any guide, we may only need to wait a few days to find out.

How will you find Spotify Wrapped 2023?

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The typical way to find Spotify Wrapped is on the front page of its iOS and Android apps – it usually appears as a card on your 'home' feed. There's often some regional variation on precisely when it rolls out, so you may have to be patient, but it's a good idea to prepare by upgrading to the latest version of the app.

Because Spotify Wrapped uses a lot of web-based technologies, it often takes you out of the app and into a browser to show you all of its fancy animations. For example, last year it revealed your listening personality (based on various metrics) and gave us an interactive story called Audio Day that revealed which tunes we listened to most at different times of the day.

Given how big Spotify Wrapped has become, we can expect to see more new features like these land in this year's roundup. And while you're waiting, you can always listen to playlists of the songs that featured in your previous Wrapped roundups by going to the app's search bar and typing “spotify:genre:2018” (or whichever year you want to revisit).

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