Once again failing to hit the seamless integration standards of its smartphone predecessors and a number of its closest rivals, the LG Optimus L3's messaging abilities prove clunky, cramped and unnecessarily sluggish.

LG Optimus L3 review

Easy enough to access and open thanks in large to the overlaid Android OS, the handset's messaging services are yet another prime example of the device's back-to-basics price cutting that has been introduced to get the phone's price point as low as possible with little regard to eventual overall usability.

Keeping the handset further behind the times and away from fully appeasing its demanding teen, entry-level market, the LG handset fails to provide social integration through its messaging services with you unable to create contacts groups and receive all forms of messaging formats through in a single swipe from the standard text and MMS messages to direct tweets, Facebook updates and instant messages.

LG Optimus L3 review

Yet another downfall of the handset's minimalist display, messaging is further complicated by the handset's poor digital QWERTY keyboard offering little room for precise key strokes and proving prone to unwanted presses and fiddly, time consuming alterations. While these issues are somewhat appeased by switching the handset to a landscape stance, the keyboard remains far from ideal.

Adding a small amount of glitz to the largely gloomy horizon, the LG Optimus L3's MMS features are simple and intuitive to use, with the Android OS once again coming to the handset's rescue with the easy attachment system available to all composing text messages.