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Microsoft Wireless Racing Wheel review

It's not about the wheel - it's about the drivers

Our Verdict

A very impressive wireless wheel spoilt by a lack of drivers for the PC


  • Relatively affordable

    Works well on the Xbox


  • PC driver problems

We wonder if devs are complicit in wearing PC gamers down until they finally accept that using an Xbox 360 pad is a best way to play a PC game. The number of times we've been asked to hit a green B button is greater than the number of cooked evening meals we've enjoyed.

If this is the shining vision of the future that we all have to subscribe to, it's comforting that the console's technically impressive Wireless Racing Wheel is also compatible via Microsoft's Wireless Gaming Receiver.

The wheel itself boasts two separate motors for detailed force feedback, reasonably sturdy construction and plenty of buttons. Unfortunately, while this is all used to impressive effect on the Xbox, the PC drivers (arf) currently don't support the force feedback or even individual axes for each of the pedals.

Until Microsoft sorts out its drivers, which it has promised to do, you wouldn't want to buy this specifically for the PC - a real shame considering what the hardware is capable of, and the sub-£100 (including the receiver) price point. Keep an eye on that driver update page.