Pinnacle PCTV DVB-T Flash Stick

Something a little different from just TV on the go

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Our Verdict

A handily portable way of carrying your viewing around with you


  • Saves TV tuner settings


  • Results not always great

Pinnacle has released quite a number of TV tuners aimed at the laptop user in recent months, but this Flash stick is the first version to actually offer something a little different from just TV on the go.

With 1GB of Flash memory, you can store any TV shows you've recorded directly on to the player, which is great if you want to record something and watch it later on another machine.

However, the main reason for the Flash memory is that once you've set up the TV tuner you'll never have to do it again, as your settings will be saved on the key. This makes sharing the device between laptops easier to manage.

As with all TV tuners, results are dependent on where you use it, as the supplied antenna isn't that receptive. However, plug in a rooftop aerial and you'll get a perfect image.