Belkin Slim-Fit case for iPhone review

Carry your iPhone around cowboy-style

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Our Verdict

An elegant and protective offering from Belkin


  • Well made
  • Stylish
  • Fair price


  • No securing flap to stop your iPhone falling out

The beauty of this iPhone holster is that it’s slim enough to double up as a protective sleeve for slipping into your pocket or suitcase. The downside is that there’s no securing flap over the top of the holster to stop the iPhone sliding out.

Cheap and elegant

Overall we liked this. It’s well stitched together, with stiffened front and back covers to take minor blows. It’s also reasonably cheap and elegant, to our eyes at least. With an iPhone docked in and the clasp over your belt it looks businesslike and we have to say we are warming up to holster-style sleeves the more we see them.

In terms of functionality, it’s a quick release model due to the absence of the closing flap. The upper sides are open, which let you get a two-fingered grip on your iPhone to whip it out. If it just had a quick release flap or clasp of some kind we would have worried less about our iPhone falling out.