Sony Bravia KDX9300D 4K HDR TV review

Sony's new Bravia is highly dynamic

Sony Bravia KDX9300D 4K HDR TV

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Sony's pronounced emphasis on slimness with the X9300D's design means that you won't find any trace of the incredibly powerful, large magnetic fluid speakers that have been such a feature of Sony's high-end TVs for the past couple of years.

When it comes to the television's built-in audio output, the X9300D provides a decent aural experience, though hardly one that will push you into the back of your chair like Steven Steigman's Blown-Away Man.

Sony Bravia KDX9300D 4K HDR TV

A general lack of bass in the mix can leave loud moments sounding brittle and thin, while a lack of power and directness means the soundstage will come off sounding slightly vague and wispy rather than full of attack and directness.

Voices sound generally convincing though, and the mid-range space available is large enough to enable the TV to sound reasonably immersive with relatively untaxing soundtrack moments.

But really, if you're going to shell out for a high-end 4K television, you'll likely want a proper audio system or decent soundbar to accompany it.


Sony has taken a bit of a gamble with the X9300D, opting for an ultra thin design that doesn't really lend itself to real HDR dynamics. But thanks to some ingenious engineering, it pretty much pulls it off.

There are caveats, but images (both HD and 4K) are nuanced and colour-rich with poppy dynamics. Factor in a competitive price and we think the set could be a great way to enter the HDR 4K scene without breaking the bank.

Sony Bravia KDX9300D 4K HDR TV

We liked
The X9300D's svelte form is absolutely astonishing, Quite frankly, it's one of the most aesthetically pleasing television sets on the market, with a clean shape, thin bezel, attractive industrial stand, and a nice gold vein running down the edges.

There are times, too, when its 4K HD picture quality sets new standards, and it looks lovely with standard dynamic range pictures too. Sony's impressive X1 video processing chip also dazzles, especially when it comes to upscaling content.

We disliked
The TV's audio is unfortunately rather average. We also prefer last year's remote, despite the addition of voice control built directly into this one.

Motion Flow is also unpleasant, leaving behind a trail of ultraviolet ghosting during most moments of movement. We're glad it can be turned off, though we don't like that it's tied to many of the X9300D's picture modes.

Final verdict
Minor niggles aside, Sony's X9300D is a fantastic television, providing splendid and vibrant HDR images with a crisp 4K sheen. At times, you just can help but look at the images it displays with a sense of awe. The combination of contrast, colour and detail adds up to pictures of almost magical cinematic beauty.

Its form factor is also ahead of the game, with a impressively thin design that will blend into any room with ease. The addition of a mounting bracket in the box is also a nice touch.

If you can live without OLED technology and you're looking for a new 4K TV with HDR capability, you'll be hard pressed to find a better option that Sony's X9300D. It really is quite stunning.

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