This is the virtual reality interface Netflix made for Oculus Rift

Virtual non-reality

Hack Days are great for building the weird and wonderful, and such a recent day at Netflix yielded over 50 "hacks" of the popular video streaming service.

For our money the standout of the group is Oculix, "a 3D room version of Netflix UI for Oculus Rift, complete with gesture support."

The video below shows the Rift wearer moving his hand up and to scroll through titles while he's immersed in a 3D world of floating content cards. Descriptions hover as he lands on specific shows and movies, and the virtual view follows where he moves his head.

Once he selects a program, he looks to be taken into a virtual viewing room, complete with walls and a screen, on which House of Card's Frank Underwood rambles down a stoop.

Netflix said that though the hacks are "very cool and fun," there's no guarantee they'll ever become an actual product, part of its internal infrastructure or be seen again outside of Hack Day. That's all well and good, but Oculix has the feeling of prototype itching to be made real.

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