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DeskLitter touts gadgets for home workers

DeskLitter: a surprisingly tidy shop for home working gadgets
DeskLitter: a surprisingly tidy shop for home working gadgets

With no reason to change out of their dressing gowns and no one but the cat to talk to, home workers risk a higher burn-out rate than merchant bankers and bomb disposal experts.

Now a new online retailer, DeskLitter, aims to brighten their commute-free days with a range of gadgets and gizmos.

Or at the very least, buy them a few more months of digital isolation before they beg for a job, any job, at Burger King.

Catching the litter bug

The store grew out of the always entertaining DeskLitter blog, as writer and home worker Dave Howell decided to turn his love for all things time-wasting (er, we mean 'productivity boosting' of course) into a nice little earner.

"As many of the items I showcase on my blog are from designers, gadget shops, stationery and electrical suppliers, gathering them all in one place and putting them into an online store seemed the perfect solution," says Howell.

Expect to find such goodies as WildCharge's innovative wireless charging system for mobile phones, cable tidies and the stylishly minimalist Sanctuary unit that can house and recharge multiple devices simultaneously.

Wait a second, that's a suspiciously mobile focus for a home-based website. Something tells me that Dave spends more than a few hours each day peering enviously out his home office window at the frollicking squirrels.

The store went live today at