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Samsung and Sony both claim world's first 200Hz LCD

Sony, of you is lying!
Sony, of you is lying!

Sony's massive advertising campaign throughout Berlin, where it claims to be launching the world's first 200Hz LCD TV has been disputed by Samsung.

Both have come to IFA 2008 with TVs they claim are the world's first to display the super fast motion technology, and unsurprisingly both are playing down the other's tech.

Tight lips

Both companies are remaining tight-lipped on this officially, but we spoke to the stand bunnies, who are there to provide the public with the information - so if anyone else noticed the confusing statements, this is what they would be told!

Sony's SB said: "You can get the new Sony 200Hz LCD TV in October of this year, and I think Samsung's is only the world's first prototype.

"Maybe the situation is ours will be the first to be commercialised."

Samsung's response was much less concrete, but disputed the prototype tag:

"It [the claims of who is first] is unclear; if you come in the north entrance, then we will be the first TV, and if you come in via the south, then it will be Sony.

"We are both here with the first 200Hz LCD TV."

Samsung's SB did state the Korean's TV will be out in spring 2009, so it seems Sony will be the first to commercialise.

Seems someone is telling porkies...TechRadar will keep digging to find out which!