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Special software deals, exclusively for TechRadar readers

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We always aim to recommend the very best software, and we've secured some special discounts and giveaways so you can get it at the best possible price.

This list is updated regularly, so check again soon for new deals.

Get 25% off premium screen recorder FlashBack Pro
FlashBack Pro offers high quality screen recording from your monitor or webcam, plus a feature-packed video editor with frame-by-frame editing, special effects and YouTube export.

Get 25% off FlashBack Pro

Get premium email client Hiri free
If you struggle to manage multiple email accounts, Hiri is the tool for you. It works with Microsoft Exchange, Hotmail and Outlook, helping you manage your messages and calendars.

Download Hiri free

Get 70% off Iolo System Mechanic
Iolo System Mechanic contains all the tools you need to clean your PC and give it a noticeable performance boost.

Get 70% off System Mechanic (US)
Get 70% off System Mechanic (UK)

Get 70% off Iolo System Mechanic Pro
Get all the optimization tools you'll find in System Mechanic, plus powerful protection from malware.

Get 70% off System Mechanic Pro (US)
Get 70% off System Mechanic Pro (UK)

Get 40% off a monthly Lightworks Pro license
This video editor will help you create stunning videos regardless of your level of experience. Get a huge 40% off a monthly license with code TECHRADAR_LW_PRO_MONTH_2018.

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