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Microsoft ditching 'Metro' everything

Windows 8
Microsoft is wiping out Metro

We already knew Microsoft was chucking the term "Metro" in favor of "Windows 8" when it came to promoting some elements of the new OS, but now we can add "Windows 8 design" and "Windows 8 application" to the list of renamed capacities.

For those keeping track, we now have "Windows 8-style UI," "New User Interface," "Windows 8 design" and "Windows 8 application" where "Metro" once was used to describe them all.

The hub-bub started when Microsoft found out a German company may be filing a lawsuit against them over the term "Metro," a phrase Microsoft adopted to refer to just about everything having to do with its new OS.

Initially, they claimed "Metro" was just a code name used during the development cycle across many of its product lines.

The plan was to then switch to something else as the launch date - October 26 - approached, but the change has apparently come sooner than expected.

The Windows 8 rebranding new branding reportedly extends to the Windows Phone, too.

You can start attempting to wipe "Metro" from your memory now.

Via ZDNet