Apps for dating and beyond

It's a good way to securely communicate and collaborate, as it also works on your PC's browser, and it also allows you to have all your info stored in a single place.

You can then access it later as a sort of nostalgic walk through your digital lives: "Remember that time when we ran out of milk and I added it to the shopping list? NAAAW!"


Skout app screenshot

For: iOS, Android
Price: Free (+IAP perks)/about $3 ad-free

Skout is another of the many dating apps out there, but also seems to be low on the spam profiles.

You can meet people by interest or proximity (a combination of both is probably in your best interest), chat with them, see who visited your profile, save favourite users and/or spend money in-app on things like gifts for that special someone, or shameless self-promotion.

The app is ad-supported (even despite all the monetisation within), but if these bug you, you can drop around $3 on the Skout+ version of the app.

However, note that it brings you no perks beyond removing the ads.

iWedding Deluxe

iWedding Deluxe app screenshot

For: iOS
Price: $6.49

Well, you've done well for yourself, haven't you? From that nervous first date and years of steady dating to finally popping the question, it's now time to plan that wedding.

Luckily enough, there's a better way than a single, losable wedding diary — an app, of course!

iWedding Deluxe allows you to keep track of your budget, make guest lists and manage RSVPs, create to-do lists with schedules, take notes and upload photos, arrange seating, track gifts and more.

It even supports same-sex marriage, so in this regard, it's more progressive than our government.

Wedding Plandroid

Wedding Plandroid app screenshot

For: Android
Price: Free
Website: Google Play

Not an iOS (soon-to-be) family? Wedding Plandroid is a no-nonsense wedding planner for the 'alternative' mobile operating system.

And unlike any app I've seen before, the icon features Andy the Android in drag, all ready for his big day.

More importantly, however, it also supports budgeting, keeping track of your vendors, managing your guest list including RSVPs, and it allows you to view your progress on a timeline, so you can get an idea of when certain tasks should be started and completed by.

BabyBump Pregnancy

BabyBump Pregnancy

For: iOS, Android
Price: Free/Pro $4.49 (iOS), $2.99 (Android)

I'm hoping that you receive some small respite after your wedding before embarking on the long, winding journey up to the top of Mt Procreation.

If not, at least you'll have BabyBump Pregnancy to help you along the way.

The app features a truly enormous number of features including access to forums; countdowns; daily and weekly info including images and diagrams; journals and weight tracking; charts, including weight/waist values and predictions; a kick counter; a name database; and planning for the birth, including videos.