Google Glass price could move a decimal point in consumers' favor

The intrigue behind Google Glass is only heightened by its exorbitant price, but a new teardown suggests the cost to make it may be one decimal point to the left.

Google Glass is estimated to cost just US$152 (or about AU$162) for all of the parts and labor, according to market research firm iHS.

The bill of materials is actually only US$132 (about AU$141) with the titanium headband, not the all-important processor or tiny camera, costing the most.

This may come as a surprise to owners of the Google Glass Explorers Edition, which currently costs US$1,500 (about AU$1,602), plus tax. Frames for prescription glasses are extra.

One of many teardowns

This isn't the first time that Google Glass' components have been tipped to cost a fraction of the wearable's asking price.

Previous teardowns have indicated that Google Glass is powered by a 2011 mobile processor and off-the-shelf parts.

In fact, a teardown last month even went as far as to say that the wearable components cost just US$79.78 (around AU$85).

More than meets the augmented eye

Google has flatly denied every teardown estimate of Google Glass, including this one.

It should also be noted that the company includes premium accessories with its Explorer Edition wearable including a Japanese microfiber pouch and a two-toned USB cable so you know which side is which.

Still, many analysts expect the promised Google Glass consumer edition to be more reasonably priced, with some estimates hovering around US$300 (about AU$320).

That particular Google Glass price may be announced at Google IO, as more details about the wearable technology's future are likely to be exposed on June 25.

Via Recode

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Matt Swider