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Optus to start trialing 2600MHz spectrum for a launch later this year

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While Optus announced today that it had completed its five-year 3G national network upgrade, the telco is looking toward its 4G future with prep for its 700MHz spectrum network and trials in the 2600MHz spectrum.

Optus worked with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and Aussie TV broadcasters Network Ten and Nine Network to gain outdoor metro trial licences for 4G on the 2600MHz spectrum for a commercial launch later this year.

The telco also announced that it has worked closely with the ACMA to secure 700MHz spectrum 4G trial licences in Sydney to help prepare the network for a launch next year.

"We'll be testing the compatibility of the new spectrum with the latest devices and also with the television broadcasters," said Andrew Smith, Optus' VP of Mobile Engineering.

Across the spectrum

Currently, 700MHz, 1800MHz, 2300MHz and 2600MHz areas of spectrum are being developed for 4G in Australia.

Optus has said that it will continue to upgrade and roll out its 4G network and 4G Plus TD-LTE network further, which work on the 1800MHz and 2300MHz spectrums respectively.

How Optus ends up integrating the 700MHz and 2600MHz spectrums into its current 4G network infrastructure remains to be seen.

But though the telco will be focusing on its 4G networks, Optus has vowed to continue to upgrade its 3G network with plans to roll it out to over 100 new sites.