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Nexus S set for Android 4.0 update

Nexus S
Nexus S owners will get Android 4.0 sooner rather than later

Google has confirmed it is working on an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Samsung Nexus S and other Android Gingerbread devices.

Two senior figures at Android told Engadget, following the ICS media launch in Hong Kong, that Google is in the process of preparing the new OS for the Nexus S device.

Director of Android operating system User Experience Matias Duarte said Google is. "Currently in the process for releasing Ice Cream Sandwich for Nexus S. Theoretically it should work for any 2.3 device."

The potential for Ice Cream Sandwich to work on the Nexus S device was showcased earlier this month, when a man purchased a handset from eBay, which apparently came pre-loaded with the new OS.

When will the updates happen?

The word came through following the Android 4.0 launch in Hong Kong, which also saw the first Ice Cream Sandwich device, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus come bounding onto the scene.

That phone will arrive sometime in November, but there's no word yet on when current Gingerbread handsets may see an upgrade.

It seems unlikely that Google would push out the upgrade for the Nexus S before the Galaxy Nexus arrived on the scene as such a move would steal all of the next device's thunder.