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Nokia in talks to produce Windows Phone 7 handsets?

Nokia planning to finally let another party into the bed?
Nokia planning to finally let another party into the bed?

Prepare yourself for this one - Nokia is apparently in talks to begin producing phones based on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform.

In a move that would radically shift the strategy of the once all-powerful Finnish firm, apparently in the last month Nokia has initiated talks with Microsoft about creating a new line of phones based on the platform - although whether they are branded or not is unclear.

This news is far from confirmed - it comes from the column of well-respected and eerily accurate Russian journalist Eldar Murtazin, a long-standing thorn in Nokia's side.

He states that executives from Nokia's new management team (who are now led by ex-Microsoft executive Stephen Elop) approached Microsoft about the possibility of supporting the new OS.

Final stand

It seems hard to believe that Nokia would finally allow another firm's OS onto its devices after touting the power of Symbian^3 and the forthcoming MeeGo for so long - but the Microsoft tie-in does seem to make sense for both sides.

Nokia would be loathe to jump into the OHA and start developing Android phones, as it would be essentially confirming that the Google OS is superior to its own open-source Symbian.

Check out the text yourself (translated from Russian) and look for the perfect summarising phrase about a tie up with Nokia and Microsoft - two hens don't make an eagle.

Via Unwired View