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New HTC Hero firmware promises faster OS

HTC bringing Hero firmware upgrade to UK
HTC bringing Hero firmware upgrade to UK

HTC has released an update to the Hero firmware which reportedly solves the bugs present in the release handsets.

Back in July, when we reviewed the HTC Hero, we noted that the phone was good but still suffered from slight lag at times, which was enough to mark it below the iPhone despite having the Sense UI with multiple homescreens.

But users over in HTC's Nordic regions (such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway) are reporting the HTC Hero update version 2.73.405.5 is bringing some decent speed upgrades, as well as camera software upgrades too.

UK release date

The good news is that HTC has confirmed to TechRadar the UK version will be coming in the very near future, but can't give us any specific date, nor what new goodies this firmware will bring.

We'll keep checking back to the HTC UK website to find out when it goes live, but until then you could always install the Nordic version (although this means you'll have to do it manually, so we wouldn't advise it).

Via HTC Denmark