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Is Motorola going to make your smartphone look stupid?

Is Motorola working on something big?

What on Earth is Motorola working on?

A tweet posted by Ricciolo, a Twitter account that is well known for its mobile phone leaks and scoops has hinted that the company is working on a flagship smartphone that could put its competitors to shame.

The tweet asks if you're looking for a flagship device that's 'smarter' than any other smartphones. It also offers a hint in the form of the Motorola icon and the cryptic promise of 'coming soon...'

A later tweet by the same account clarified that 'soon' means 'sooner than expected'. So what do these tweets mean? The fact that this upcoming device is 'smarter' than other smartphones could point to beefed up specifications that will make it faster and more powerful than the competition.

Or it could be referring to new features, a brand new interface or even a completely new operating system. We're also not sure if the device could be a new generation of the Moto X, or even the Nexus 6.


The fact that the Ricciolo account makes a big deal of the word 'hint' could itself be a cheeky hint at a possible successor to the Motorola Hint, an in-ear Bluetooth device that allowed owners of the Moto X to control the device hands free. Who knows?

Still, it's exciting to speculate, and the 'soon' could be referring to Mobile World Congress, which kicks off on March 2. Hopefully if Motorola does have something revolutionary up its sleeve, it won't keep us waiting for long.

Matt Hanson

Senior Computing editor

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