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HTC Titan 2 brings Windows Phone and 16MP snaps

HTC Titan 2 brings Windows Phone and 16MP snaps
The HTC Titan 2

HTC has barely announced the Titan before it's only gone and upgraded it: the HTC Titan 2 is coming to AT&T with some dizzying specs.

Actually, just the one if we're honest: a 16MP snapper with wide angle lens and dual LED flash… we're not sure if that's overkill in the smartphone sector, but it's sure as heck a headline grabber.

You can check out our video from Vegas of the Titan II in action below:

Other than that, we're looking at a very similar phone to the original HTC Titan: 4.7-inch Super LCD screen, single core innards (a Qualcomm 1.5GHz Snapdragon S2 chip though) and 720p HD video recording.

Speed of the Puma!

The other big update is the 4G LTE connectivity – HTC has promised to deliver a 4G-enabled phone to each of the carriers in the US, and this is AT&T's choice.

Other than that, we're simply left with Windows Phone Mango 7.5, meaning multi-tasking, Xbox Live integration and Microsoft Office compatibility a-plenty.

We're snooping around to see if this handset will be coming to any other territories or to see if there will be any other changes on board from the original Titan – stay tuned for our hands on: HTC Titan 2 review to find out.