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HTC HD2 secretly more powerful than advertised

The HD2 - is it a Windows Mobile 7 double agents?
The HD2 - is it a Windows Mobile 7 double agents?

The HTC HD2 - subject of odd stocking deals in the UK - might be more powerful than the manufacturer is letting on.

The HD2, which has been available in the UK for a number of months, has been released with an upgraded amount of RAM (576MB rather than 448MB) in the US, but it now appears that extra functionality is also present in other versions as well.

According to XDA-developers blog, there appears to be more available to use. After a Chinese user posted a screen shot of the HD2 with a lot more RAM running, hackers have been trying to test the limits of the system.

Pushing the boundaries

One of them has managed to get the system to run 444MB using another custom ROM to unlock the system, which is far more than the original-spec of the HTC HD2 could manage.

If this is all gibberish to you, then basically it means HTC is hiding the extra power with the HD2 for some reason - a future upgrade would make the most sense, and many are tipping that for Windows Mobile 7, although we still think that's a while away.

Via XDA Developers Blog