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HTC Desire helps revenues hit record high

High revenues for HTC
High revenues for HTC

HTC's coffers are looking a little more healthy these days, as the Taiwanese firm has managed to break its own record for monthly revenues.

April's revenue was revealed as NT$18.01 billion (£390 million), which is a new high for the firm and a big increase on the same period last year.

In the first four months of 2010 the firm made nearly £1.1billion in revenue, which was nearly a third higher than in 2009.

Big four

The revenues are clearly boosted by the success of the HTC Hero in 2009, as well as the much-vaunted quartet of phones from the Taiwanese firms.

Of these, the HTC Desire has easily sparked the most interest, being one of the first smartphones to appear on all five major networks in the UK.

The HTC Legend and HD Mini have garnered similar plaudits on a slightly smaller scale, while the HTC Smart is coming soon, aimed at the more budget end of the market while still offering the same HTC Sense UI.

HTC is also likely to announce new phones in the coming months in order to compete with the forthcoming iPhone HD and other handsets from Samsung (such as the Galaxy S) and RIM, which has just unveiled the Pearl 3G.

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