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HTC Desire HD stocks running out in the UK?

The HTC Desire HD - is there a shortage?
The HTC Desire HD - is there a shortage?

The HTC Desire HD stocks may be running a little low at the moment, with most networks showing limited offerings.

Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile are all showing 'Out of Stock' or 'Limited Stock' updates on their websites, hinting that there's either a shortage or people are just buying a lot of them.

We've spoken to HTC to get to the bottom of it, but the manufacturer hasn't got any comment at this time, so no joy there.

Where's a volcano to blame when you need one?

Usually we'd go down the route of a shortage of something, or an international event to explain a shortage - but the Desire HD doesn't use an OLED screen, and no volcanoes have erupted recently. There's always snow of course... that ruins everything.

Except snowball fights.

Three isn't claiming such a thing, so perhaps you can head over there to pick up your gargantuan device.

Via EuroDroid