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HTC confirms Desire HD Android 2.3 update?

HTC Desire HD - Android 2.3 on the way?
HTC Desire HD - Android 2.3 on the way?

TechRadar contacted HTC earlier today about the recently announced Android 2.3 update and whether or not it will be coming to its flagship phone: the HTC Desire HD.

Although HTC didn't namecheck the phone, it did confirm that a number of its handsets will be given the update.

Be excited

In a statement, a spokesperson for HTC explained: "We are excited about the OS update coming for Android, and while HTC will definitely have some phones running this OS, we do not have a specific timeframe for new phones or updates at this time. Please stay tuned for more details."

While "some phones" is as flimsy an answer you are likely to get, it does confirm that the update will be coming to handsets already in existence.

At the moment, the HTC Desire HD is the flagship phone from the Taiwanese company so we're pinning our bets on this.

However, the Desire Z and Desire will probably get some Android 2.3 loving, too.