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New Microsoft ad images made on a Mac

I'm a PC made on a Mac doesn't have quite a ring to it
I'm a PC made on a Mac doesn't have quite a ring to it

A variety of news reports are suggesting that Microsoft has made a bit of a faux pas by creating some of the imagery for its new advert on an Apple Mac.

The main message in the advert is "I'm a PC" – with a variety of people (different jobs, skin colour and everything) gurning to camera about how they are all PCs.

The revelation came about when Microsoft's press site made four images available to promote the promo, only for the images to be emblazoned with "Adobe Photoshop C3 Macintosh" in the file properties menu.

Life Without Walls

Although it has been recognised that not all of the images in the advert were made on a Mac, it does leave the company with some egg on its face, instead of saving face after the debacle that was the Seinfeld/Gates collaboration of the last two confusing ads.

Microsoft's latest Life Without Walls advert is part of a $300 million effort to show the likes of Windows Vista in a more positive light.