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'New' AMD Polaris 500X graphics cards disappoint with a simple rebrand

AMD Radeon RX 500X

AMD introduces a ‘new’ range of Radeon RX 500X Polaris GPUs for OEMs that sadly appear to be only new in name.

Rumors of the new Polaris 500X series piqued our interest, as we were hoping for at least slightly faster graphics cards during what's been an extremely boring time for GPUs, but as it turns out there isn’t really anything new about them at all.

AMD updated its GPU webpage revealing that the Radeon RX 500X series is simply a rebranded lineup of the existing Polaris 500-series graphics cards for computer manufacturers and OEMs. Other than the new suffix, AMD’s ‘new’ GPUs are completely identical to the previous Radeon RX 500 series down to the number of stream processors and compute units, frequency and the underlying architecture.

Rebrand awareness

That’s a big disappointment after rumors that AMD would soon be introducing a new series of slightly faster GPUs for notebooks. Previously, the jump from Polaris 400 to 500 introduced a matured graphics card architecture with improved performance and efficiency, so to see that nothing has changed at all is a major letdown when the GPU market is in need of new developments.

According to Wccftech, the only reason for the Polaris ‘refresh’ is due to the OEMs demanding a new branding scheme every year. So, while it might seem like desktops and laptops are sporting new GPU options, don’t be fooled.

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Via Wccftech

Kevin Lee

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