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Yahoo CEO talks up contextual search

Marissa Mayer
Mayer hopes contextual search will revamp Yahoo's popularity

CEO of search website Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, thinks that even though the company has been at the back of the search engine pack for years, contextual search could vault it into the lead.

Contextual search works on data given to it by a user, such as their location and what they are doing to tailor search results to what the user will most likely be looking for. Mobile devices are the best carrier for the feature and that is something Mayer wants to exploit.

Yahoo currently has an agreement with Microsoft whereby the latter uses its Bing software to power its search engine. Using this as a baseline, Yahoo is looking towards new search markets and has chosen mobile devices as its target.

Context is everything

Other companies have been looking into contextual search too. Google has been working towards a similar goal by adding more human language processing to its engine's algorithms.

Mayer impressed that the aim was to make searching for apps and information easy on mobiles. The CEO pointed towards Yahoo's acquisition of Aviate as part of the steps the company is taking to make contextual search a reality.

Yahoo has around 800 million monthly users, with around 400 of them being active on mobile sites.

Via ITWorld