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Make your site more metal with heavy-metal band captchas

Metal Captcha

Do you consider spambots to be your site's arch enemy? Do they cause mayhem in your website forms? Do they have you feeling enslaved? Well, you're in luck – Metal Captcha is here to provide you with heavy-metal security.

Unlike regular captchas, which are generic and boring, Metal Captchas require users to decipher cryptic band logos to gain access to a site.

It's actually more challenging than it sounds, with some logos being particularly unreadable to anyone who isn't a metal fan – and really, why would you even want to grant access to those philistines?

Metal Captcha will even mock you when you guess wrong, with responses like "Are you a Belieber?" providing incorrect entries with an appropriate level of shame.

If this kind of thing sounds right up your alley, visit the Metal Captcha website and grab the embed code to add to your site's headers or forms – nine out of ten children of Bodom recommend it.

Stephen Lambrechts

Stephen primarily covers phones and entertainment for TechRadar's Australian team, and has written professionally across the categories of tech, film, television and gaming for over a decade. He's obsessed with smartphones, televisions, and consuming all forms of media at the highest quality possible. He's also likely to talk a person’s ear off at the mere mention of Android, cats, retro sneaker releases or boutique Blu-ray labels.