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Kickstarter has axed a game system that actually draws your blood

Bloodsport Kickstarter
This is what it looks like to have a disturbing amount of fun getting blood drawn
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Letting a video game system literally take blood out of you when you get hit in a game is certainly one way to make gaming more immersive, but it also crosses a line as far as Kickstarter is concerned.

Let's be clear: this wasn't some stunt. The "Blood Sport," as it's dubbed, was designed to make donating blood more fun. With help from professionals you'd get a needle stuck in your arm, and when your character took damage it would suck blood out and into a donation bag.

The project was active on Kickstarter from November 18 to November 24, during which time it earned just $3,000 (about £1,900, AU$3,500) of its intended $222,000 (about £141,000, AU$257,000) goal.

The intent was to take Blood Sport on a multi-city tour, collecting headshots and blood in equal measure. It's unclear why Kickstarter put the kibosh on that, but there are probably a lot of people out there right now, people who want to donate blood but suck at video games, who are just a little bit relieved.

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