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Microsoft cuts cost of Xbox 360 HD DVD drive

The Xbox 360's HD DVD drive just got $20 (£10) cheaper

Microsoft has slashed $20 (£10) off the price of the Xbox 360's HD DVD drive today - and is giving away five free HD DVD movies too boot. The drive now costs $179 instead of $199 in the USA.

The move if self-evidently designed to push both Xbox 360 peripherals and the Microsoft -backed HD DVD format which has come in for a battering of late.

US retail giant Target has just decided not to sell HD DVD players in its 1,500 stores, a move that echoes Blockbuster's decision to stock Blu-ray only titles in June.

Microsoft made the announcement at Comic-Con International earlier today. The price cut will be in place by Monday 1st August, with the five movies promotion running until 30th September. US buyers will be able to pick five movies from a list of 15 as part of a mail-in offer.

A raw deal?

UK consumers may not be so lucky. A Microsoft UK spokesperson said: "We currently have no announcements to make at this stage regarding a price cut of the Xbox 360 HD DVD player for the UK." Matthew Clapham