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Microsoft is getting rid of one of Windows 10's most controversial features

Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense

The Windows 10 feature that allows you to share your Wi-Fi passwords with your contacts automatically is getting the axe.

The controversial Wi-Fi Sense aimed to solve the annoyance of having to hand over your Wi-Fi password to friends when they came over. However, users felt uneasy that Windows was looking at their Outlook, Skype and Facebook contacts without having control over who to share Wi-Fi passwords with.

The controversy over Wi-Fi Sense was a bit overblown, however, as most users didn't really understand how it worked. You actually have to enter your Wi-Fi password before access to a hotspot is shared.

Additionally, those whom you grant access to your home network to never see your actual password.

Microsoft is removing Wi-Fi Sense from Windows due to "low usage and low demand," as well as citing the high cost of maintaining its code.

The preview build of Windows 10 also includes real-time web notifications and swipe gestures within Microsoft's Edge browser. This latest OS build shows what we can expect from the massive Anniversary update, slated for release in July.