Nokia C3 review

Does the low cost Nokia C3 offer great value for money?

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The Nokia C3's music player will find tunes stored anywhere on a microSD card and import them into its library.

Nokia c3

Shuffle, repeat and playlist functions are here, and there is an equaliser too, but it is all rather rudimentary.

Nokia c3

There is no support for album art, and the player, like the on-board FM radio, looks lacklustre.

Nokia c3

The radio is low on features. You have to have the headphones plugged in to listen as they act as the antenna.

The presets library is woefully shorthanded with just seven slots. That means taking the auto-tune route, which makes the handset store the stations it finds in order and it will, unless you're lucky, miss your favourite stations.

So manual tuning is pretty much a requirement. At least there is RDS so you know what station you are listening to.

Nokia c3

Sound output is of a decent quality through the provide in-ear headset, but we improved it by using a higher quality set of earphones of our own. We do like that Nokia has managed to put the 3.5mm headset slot on the top of the chassis, where it is free from getting snagged in the pocket.