Motorola Milestone review

Known as the Droid in the US - can it beat the HTC Hero?

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If there's one thing an Android phone is good at, it's eating up your battery, and while the Motorola Milestone isn't really an exception, it's a lot better than other Android phones out there by the sheer fact it doesn't require a full charge every 10 hours or so.

Motorola milestone

We think it's important you download some software to be able to turn off third party applications on the phone, as otherwise it will eat up the battery much faster than you'd like. However, we managed to easily limit ourselves to charging only once per day or two, and very rarely did the Milestone squawk at us to plug it in.

Motorola milestone

We're not sure the addition of the battery meter is a good idea, as all it does is highlight what's munching all your power without being able switch much of it off, but still, it's nice to have it there and good to be able to see how long you can last between charges.

Motorola milestone

The organisation skills of the Motorola Milestone are better than a number of other Android phones namely because there's now the Exchange calendar to factor in to the equation - we're not sure why we have to have both a corporate and 'normal' calendar, with the Google Calendar and Exchange version under separate applications.

Motorola milestone

Motorola has also seen fit to add in a calculator as well to the mix, with scientific mode should you fancy getting a bit of a 'tan'. We know, we know, we slay ourselves too.


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