LG GD910 Watch Phone review

Is there actually a decent mobile beneath the LG Watch Phone?

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As you can imagine, there's no Movie Maker or Photo Editing suite on board the LG GD910 Watch Phone, but there are some organisational things to keep you occupied if that's the way you want to use your wrist.

LG gd910 watchphone

LG gd910 watchphone

LG gd910 watchphone

The calendar, memo functions and calculator are all on there, and work pretty well. The calendar is available from the top menu, with the usual functionality from a mobile phone, namely being able to set appointments or anniversaries and have a repeat or single alarm to remind you it's happening.

The memo function also lives on the top menu, displaying the last written note, which weirdly can't be left blank after the first time you write on it. Note: best write something you don't mind reading over and over again as you swipe past.

We would have been thoroughly outraged if we couldn't have a calculator on the LG GD910 Watch Phone, as a calculator on the wrist is something we've been after ever since we were a child. Thankfully, you're still just as cool wearing one as an adult (well, we think so).

LG gd910 watchphone

Multiple alarms also live on the GD910, meaning you can set reminders for yourself whenever you want, and there are more alarm options than the old 'beep-beep, beep-beep' sounds of ye olden digital watches.

Battery life is actually pretty good, and we have to admit we weren't expecting such after being given the holster charger, but we managed a good three days of use before we needed to recharge.

LG gd910 watchphone

Admittedly we barely used the music player, there's no internet and the camera function was left to gather dust, but we did text a fair bit, and the calling over Bluetooth was used fairly regularly.

LG gd910 watchphone

We switched to our Jabra HALO headphones almost straight away for a better Bluetooth experience, but we've been told the headset in the box will power down faster than the phone itself, so it might make sense to take a backup in order to make sure you don't have to chat to your wrist.

LG gd910 watchphone

USB CLAMP: The connector for standard LG phones is clipped into the clamp for charging

The connectivity on offer was pretty standard - unlike most other watch phones (not that we expect many to have used many others) the GD910 at least packs 3G, allowing the cool video calling.

There's obviously also Bluetooth 2.1 on board with A2DP connectivity, so you can use both a single headset and stereo Bluetooth cans to listen to the on-board music and calls.

We were a little annoyed not to see a 3.5mm headphone jack for when the battery on the Bluetooth headset runs out, but we'd imagine that wasn't possible given the size of the GD910 Watch Phone.

The phone works automatically as a mass storage device when connected to the PC using the bundled USB lead (which you have to extract from the back of the charger) meaning you can drag and drop images and music onto the GD910.


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