LG DoublePlay review

Innovative phone with two screens falls flat in daily use

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LG doubleplay

LG comes packed with the usual Gingerbread Google Maps, which functions similar to how it has in the past. Google Maps comes complete with voice guided turn-by-turn directions.

LG doubleplay

The DoublePlay also comes loaded with the TeleNav GPS app for mapping. Though it'll eventually cost you an additional $2.99 a month, and we can't think of any compelling reasons to use it isntead of Google Maps. We'd rack this one up as bloatware.


It's not the only bloatware on the phone, either. For the most part, the included apps aren't meaningless - they just provide services that other, free-er apps provide better. For instance, if you already use the The Kindle app or Google books for reading, you might not need the Blio app.

LG doubleplay

But it's not all junk - the phone includes the Lookout security app for finding a stolen phone, scanning for malware, and backing up data. There's a Wi-Fi Calling app you can use that does not use up your minutes for voice calls.

LG doubleplay

Other included apps of use include the world famous Sim City Deluxe and Tetris, as well as the Slacker radio app, the DoubelTwist music app, Zinio, Polaris Office, and the Bobsled group-texting app. Polaris Office is a good option for viewing Microsoft Office apps, which might mean you won't need to purchase Quickoffice for your mobile Office related needs.