Battery life on the INQ Mini 3G is surprisingly good considering it only has an 1150mAh power pack on board. That's not a small battery by any means, and certainly not so at this price, but the Mini 3G still outperforms expectations.

We managed to get around three days of charge from the Mini 3G before the battery ran into the red zone, and that was with all the Twitter, Facebook and Skype applications constantly running.

INQ mini 3g

Granted, the phone doesn't have a very good web browser at all, so use of that was minimal, but we were still impressed that despite using nearly all the features on board there was enough juice to keep running the phone for two nights without needing to find a power source.

Organisational functions on the Mini 3G were sparse, but ultimately more functional than most will ever need.

INQ mini 3g

There's a pretty cool world clock that lets you select a number of areas to check the time in with a decent graphical overlay (well, decent in a very Spartan way), a stopwatch that tells you how long has elapsed since you started it (you can tell we're having to draw this out) and a calendar too.

INQ mini 3g

Actually the latter is fairly useful as entering reminders and appointments is quick and easy and very intuitive for a feature phone like this one. We're also treated to a currency converter too, although it doesn't draw data from the cloud like we would like it too. Having to type in the amount from data gleaned from the internet kind of defeats the point.


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