The Toshiba AT200 comes running Android Honeycomb 3.2.1, but Toshiba has confirmed that it will roll out an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich sometime this year.

Toshiba has not wasted much time tweaking the operating system, which means the AT200 runs a standard version of the impressive Android Honeycomb software.

Toshiba AT200 review

The AT200 takes almost 40 seconds to start up which is slower than the likes of the iPad 2 and the new iPad – which may frustrate impatient users.

Android 3.2.1 runs relatively smoothly, but we found the Toshiba AT200 lacked the slickness of rivals such as the Sony Tablet S and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Toshiba AT200 review

Saying that, the AT200 is no slouch, and we were able to sweep through home screens and applications without the lag we experienced during our hands on Toshiba AT200 review.

The 10.1-inch touchscreen responded quite well to most gestures; however we found the AT200 frequently failed to register our lighter touches, especially the options in the bottom left corner – which annoyed pretty quickly.

Toshiba AT200 review

You'll find the navigational tools in a bar in the bottom left corner comprising of back, home and multi-tasking options. In the right hand corner you have the time and notification display.

Toshiba AT200 review

A quick slide up over the bottom right corner of the screen brings up the familiar Android notification menu, which will provide you with various details such as Wi-Fi connections, recent emails and app alerts.

The AT200 provides five home screens to arrange various widgets and applications on, but you can't add additional screens if you're a big widget fan - although we felt there was more than enough space to be getting on with.

Toshiba AT200 review

Hold down on a free space on any home screen and the edit menu appears, providing you with an overview of all your home screens at the top and then various tabs which allow you to add widgets, apps, wallpapers and shortcuts with a simple drag and drop interface.

Toshiba has stuck with the stock Android widgets on the AT200 such as; clock, calendar, email, contacts and so on, but if you head over to Google Play you'll be able to get more such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare - although having to do this does take a little of the wow factor away when they're all pre-installed.

Toshiba AT200 review

Hit the multi-tasking option in the bottom left of the screen and a pop up will appear showing a list of open apps. You can easily navigate up and down this menu and select an app. You're able to open this menu from within an application – allowing you to switch between apps with ease.

A feature Android Honeycomb lacks, and which the Ice Cream Sandwich update will bring, is the ability to close running apps from the multi-tasking menu by horizontally swiping across an app in the list.

Toshiba AT200 review

To close running apps you need to navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications which is time consuming, but something the Ice Cream Sandwich update will address.


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