Toshiba AT200 review

Can the world's thinnest tablet pack a heavyweight punch?

Toshiba AT200 review
Super thin. Super light.

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The Toshiba AT200 is a lean, mean machine clocking in at a wafer thin 7.7mm, making it the slimmest slate on the market. Complementing its slim form, the AT200 only weighs 535g.

The size and weight of the AT200 makes it ultra-portable, clocking in at over 100g lighter than the new iPad and also lighter than other Android competitors the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Sony Tablet S.

Toshiba AT200 review

The lightweight design means the Toshiba AT200 is very easy on the arms when holding for extended periods of time, but the completely flat back is not the most comfortable. We prefer the curved back of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, or folded design of the Tablet S, as they fit naturally into the hand.

If you opt for the Toshiba AT200 you'll be suitably pleased with the number of connectivity options provided on the tablet. On the left hand side you are greeted with micro SD, HDMI and USB ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Toshiba AT200 review

On the inside the AT200 provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but there is no 3G or 4G connectivity options, as it is only available with Wi-Fi.

Toshiba AT200 review

The final port on the AT200 is a 30 pin charger slot, found on the bottom edge. The charger which comes in the box has a cable with a 30 pin connection at one end and a standard USB connection at the other, meaning you can charge it via a computer or wall plug adapter.

Toshiba AT200 review

You only get the charging cable (with charger plug adapter) in the box, so you will need to fork out for your own micro USB and HDMI cables, microSD card and earphones - so there's no way to get media on the tablet out of the box unless you faff around with wireless syncing, which many will be unwilling to do.

There are physical buttons on the right hand side of the Toshiba AT200, comprising of a power/lock key, volume rocker and a multi-function slider – which can be programmed in the settings to either lock screen rotations or toggle mute.

Toshiba AT200 review

We found the power/lock key unresponsive at times, with a firm press required to register the action, but the volume rocker was far easier to hit.

The model we received had 32GB of internal storage, but the Toshiba AT200 is also available in a 16GB version for £50 (about $80) less.

The 10.1-inch screen provides a 1280 x 800 display which delivers a decent image, be it when surfing the web or watching a movie.

Toshiba AT200 review

The display is not as bright as the likes of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, nor is it as crisp as the retina screen found on the new iPad.

While the AT200 is easy to view indoors and outside on a dull day, we found bright sunlight hampers the display, making it very difficult to see what is on screen.

You'll find stereo speakers on the bottom of the AT200 which deliver suitable volume levels to allow you to watch movies and listen to songs, but don't expect amazing quality and tones. You're better off plugging in headphones if you want to do some serious music listening or movie watching.

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