This year's award in the 'Creating a Solution for a Problem that Doesn't Exist' category has to go to this Belkin Washable Mouse.

Have you ever felt the need for a water-resistant mouse that you can wash to keep clean? Let's face it, we find most mice can simply be wiped clean without having to put them under the tap.

Awkward design

As a mouse in its own right, this is not the best Belkin offering we've seen. To make the top water-resistant, instead of a click wheel you get a strokeable strip of plastic over a sensor, creating a kind of track pad tool. This required an unusual amount of dexterity to control and didn't give a great feel.

But worse, just when one hand is scratching your head while you're wondering why on earth this was ever made, your other hand shoots up to smack you on the nose as you realise that the soft, matt, rubber finish of the thing actually collects dirt.

Pass the smelling salts, we're out!